Client Testimonials

Lori E.

Monarch helped take me to wound care appointments. They showed up on time and stayed with me through it all.

Claretta E.

Monarch is a lifesaver for me. I moved here from New Jersey and I found a lifeline in them. They are caring and Like family to me

Carolyn G.

Monarch Senior Services has given me support and encouragement through the toughest times. Their companionship has been so very nice to have after my husband passed away. They helped with planning his funeral arrangements and memorial service. Helen, my caregiver, has taken me to doctor’s appointments and has even asked questions that I may have forgotten to ask. She makes sure I take my medicine on time. When I fell and broke my pelvis, Helen took care of all my needs, shopping, picking up medicine, laundry, and cleaning. Being on my own with no family in the United States would have been a lot harder without Monarch Senior Services. Knowing that I have Monarch Senior Services makes my life a lot easier. They care for my well-being and have encouraged me to enjoy life.